How Bud Chooses Happy

Happiness is a way of life, not a destination!

And you know what? Sometimes the little things in life bring us the most joy. A bouquet of flowers, playing with pets, a glass of chardonnay. So today, we thought we would share how each member of the Bud Team chooses happy.



Being with my three boys / Vacationing in Telluride / Exercising / Drinking Bloody Marys at Food Works / Eating french fries / Cooking with friends and family / Sitting by the fire / Getting my nails done


Watching the sunset on the beach with family / My four boys / Walking my dog in the morning / A Magical Mint Smoothie from Southern Squeeze / Working out / A hot bath with a glass of wine / Fresh flowers from Bud


Live music / Nature / Photography / Wildflowers / Books / Travel / Meaningful friendships and relationships / Good weather / Writing letters and receiving them / Carbs / Wine / Summer thunderstorms / New clothes / Shopping


The beach / Italy / Pad Thai / Painting / My puppy



My dog Hazel / The beach / Drives at sunset / Drive-in movies / Margs at Las Mas with my girls / Lake days / Bonfires in the fall / Shopping / Yoga / Self-care days / Watching football with friends and family



Cooking with friends / Biking through Downtown / Reading during a thunderstorm / Hiking / Driving on a sunny day / Going to the beach / Spending time with family


Family under one roof /Drinking coffee at the cabin / Lazy Saturdays / Being with friends / Early morning walks / Shopping at the Chattanooga Market / The Refindery / Choosing simplicity


Playing trivia at The Feed with my family / Eating Real Roots Cafe Paninis / Walking my granddog, Harper / Working in the garden / A glass of Chardonnay / My husband's homemade tuna / Walking the Walnut Street Bridge / Fresh flowers / Taking my granddaughter to the Aquarium


Cooking with my husband / Shopping at Charlotte's Web / Walking the Walnut Street Bridge / Eating Everything Baguettes / Sharing a Southern Squeeze Juice with my daughter / Getting my hair done at Geno's


Trying out a tasty new recipe / Holding a baby / Buying the perfect gift / Getting in a warm car on a cold day / Seeing wild animals / Afternoon kiss from my husband / Putting on my farm boots / Talking to my sister


Watching my son grow up / A panini from Real Roots Cafe / A Botswanian sunset / Walking the Walnut Street Bridge / My cat, Speedy / Binge watching TV with hot tea / Exploring South Africa / A Margarona from El Matate / Indian Curry


Listening to Campbell Station / Eating Southern Star dinners / Getting a deep tissue massage / Playing with my pups / Sitting on a 30A beach / Getting my nails done


My family / My wonderful friends / Going to the beach / Watching Tennessee Football + Basketball / A great candle / A glass of Chardonnay by the fire / My students at the St. Nicholas School


Concerts / Visiting New York City / Lake Days / Reading a book on the back porch / Putting on makeup + a cute outfit / Online shopping / Dinner at Il Primo / Playing with my pets / Not setting my alarm (even though I always wake up early anyway)

--With reporting by Lyndi Locke


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