Planting Seeds For 2021

We can all agree that 2020 wasn’t the year we anticipated it to be. But that does not mean we didn’t bloom where we were planted! Even though life was more quiet and still than usual, we had plenty of time to reflect on memories and hope for a brighter future. The Bud brand and team did plenty of growing this year, so we wanted to share our thoughts as we embark on 2021!

Favorite Memory Of 2020...

“Thanksgiving with my boys.” -Jamie

“Seeing my son Alex for the first time after he was quarantined.” -Susan

“Weekends on the lake, adopting two kittens, and finding out I’m going to be an aunt in May.” -Lyndi

“Celebrating my birthday.” -Kellye

“Going to the National Championship in New Orleans in January to cheer on my Clemson Tigers!” -Sydney

“Hiking with my son.” -Rachel

“Moving into our new home.” -Jennifer

“Beach trips with family.” -Carey

“Family beach trip over the 4th of July.” -Karen

“Being at the beach with my family watching the sunset during the pandemic.”  -Caroline

“My 21st Birthday in Nashville.” -Victoria

Something New You Learned About Yourself...

“I have really learned to embrace everyday life and take it how it comes. I used to thrive off having a set life plan, but I realized all the lessons I missed while hung up in that mentality. Appreciate each season you go through, because it really does teach you something.” -Lyndi

“I don’t like wearing masks.” -Kellye

“I can be independent.” -Victoria

“Patience.” -Jamie

“I can take one day at a time.” -Susan

“I really love making flower arrangements! It’s something I had never really tried before I started at Bud.” -Caroline

“I can get through a pandemic.” -Karen

“I can find joy and optimism in anything, and I want to share that.” -Sydney

“I have way more anxiety than I thought I did! I thought I was pretty relaxed. Nope.” -Rachel

“Life is about choices. No one should judge another’s decision on how they choose to live their life. “ -Carey

The Silver Lining Of 2020 Was…

“Spending intentional time with others - whether it be in person, a text, a call, or a FaceTime! This year has shown how important it is to sustain fellowship and grow yourself in new ways!” -Sydney

“More Family Time.” -Jamie

“Extra family time and appreciation for special relationships.” -Carey

“Seeing God orchestrate His plan for Ed and I in a way only He can do.” -Jennifer

“I discovered so many new things about myself that have enabled me to grow through the crazy of this year.” -Victoria

“At the end of the day 2020 was a bad year, but - I have so much to be thankful for. I have my health, my family and Bud Floral + Home is still in business.” -Susan

“Having my boys at home.” -Kellye

“Moving back to Chattanooga and starting my job at Bud.” -Caroline

“Appreciating all the things I have instead of longing for what I don't.” -Lyndi

“Flourishing business, self-reflection.” -Rachel

“Remembering simplicity!” -Karen

New Year’s Resolution…

“To enjoy the little things and not get caught up in what could go wrong.” -Caroline

“To keep a healthy workout routine and cook more!” -Sydney

“Start loving myself more.” -Victoria

“Professionally, I want to help grow the Bud brand and create beautiful proposals that attract brides to hire us as their florist. Personally, I want to continue eating healthy and running.” -Caroline

“To love with all my heart!” -Jennifer

“Travel more!” -Kellye

“Don’t get too stressed about the future and enjoy each day.” -Lyndi

“To try to accept a new President of the United States.” -Susan

“Always, always be kind.” -Karen

“Be more intentional with friends, and more efficient with work.” -Jamie

“Have a better life balance.” -Rachel

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  • Love this group of ladies! So fun to be a part of Bud floral and home and to watch it blossom over the last year.


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